How do I make fullscreen in streaming services actually go fullscreen?

2022.01.18 12:45 Isfahaninejad How do I make fullscreen in streaming services actually go fullscreen?

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2022.01.18 12:45 Mars_chego DappRadar Report: NFTs Immune to Dumping Crypto Prices, Blockchain Gaming Flips DeFi Activities

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🎉 Without letting you wait long, Pocoland has come back with a flourish, promising to continue providing gamers with the most awesome and amazing experiences which are available only at Poco.
🕒 Official Launch Time: 15:00 UTC January 21st
💥 During the period’s release, Pocoland has been on quite a ride. Pocoland is a play-and-earn game, so it's not surprising that a large number of gamers from the previous game have signed up.Therefore, we appreciate all of the support from our community in recent months.
🔆 In that time, team Dev has worked extensively to produce a high-quality game. We were able to gain some certain achievements such as a wide range of wallets registered to play Open Beta, turns and feedback.
🙉 Do not hesitate to attend the Pocoland with us to have a great experience. See you guys on this important day!!
Pocoland #POCO #NFTGame #PlayToEarn #GameFi #AxieKiller 👇 Please subscribe and update our latest, hottest news in our channels:
📌 Official Telegram Channel:
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🔥 Youtube:
🔥 Fanpage:
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2022.01.18 12:45 srnagappan Montana Sapphire (credit: korypettmangems)

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2022.01.18 12:45 Trauma-Hunter I am trying to not look at pornography as a teenager.AMA

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2022.01.18 12:45 Antiacidoxd 🤔

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2022.01.18 12:45 ToySoldier47 [SG] [H] Asus Z170 Maximus Hero VIII LGA 1151 Intel Motherboard 100% Working [W] PayPal £120 P+P £5

Asus Z170 Maximus Hero VIII LGA 1151 Intel Motherboard 100% Working
Good used in original box.
£120 P+P £5
Royal Mail Signed For Paypal
Asus Z170 Maximus Hero VIII LGA 1151 Intel Motherboard 100% Working
I am selling this Motherboard as I have upgraded my gaming PC. It has served me well and has been a great board and a pleasure to own.
It comes in the original box with all accessories and manual.
In the box:
I/O Back plate 4 Sata cables Front panel Q connector SLi Bridge Manual ROG case badge and stickers. M.2 screw
The board comes with the latest BIOS flashed. It was used in a gaming PC with a i7 7700k CPU and RTX 3080 graphics card.
Check the Asus website for a full breakdown of the specs.
Thank you for looking.
Any questions just ask.
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2022.01.18 12:45 tbug97 SAMA IM01 5600x 3060ti

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2022.01.18 12:45 walkstwomoons2 BG dropped!

I just got over Covid and pneumonia.
While I was I’ll doc had me go on insulin because my A1C went to 9 and bg over 400. I had been at 5.4 before Covid.
Well, it’s finally coming down today bg was 183!
I played the song Celebrate
Celebrate-pit bull
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2022.01.18 12:45 Degenerere Have to choose a Masters thesis TODAY. Can I please get some feedback?

I'm a medical physics student with the following choices for a masters thesis:

  1. The effect of image reconstruction parameters and tumor to background radioactivity concentration ratio on clinical interpretation of PET/MRI and PET/CT images
  1. Uptake and retainment of radionuclides in edible mushrooms – from fruiting to cooking
I have officially picked 2. but I have a last opportunity to switch over to 1. if I so desire.
My main concern is that I'm not sure what to pick. I'm genuinely more interested in the mushroom one, the problem is I don't know if it is a "legit" study. The 1. choice has more well-known supervisors and is more clinically oriented than 2. I however, am not very interested in 1.
So do I pick 1. because of the better potential reputation, yet sounds somewhat boring, or do I pick 2. in which I have no idea how it will end up, is not clinically relevant and doesn't have much reputation to it?
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2022.01.18 12:45 Spare-Regular-3099 First time advice

I'm considering downloading clone hero to play has any one got any first time tips I wanna get a controller but I'm not too sure. I really like rhythm games and it seems like something right down my alley
So my main question is how do I get started?
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2022.01.18 12:45 FightingBoyce Today's Boxing News Headlines ep94 | Boxing News Today | Talkin Fight

Results from the weekend, and upcoming bouts in Clarksville, USA, Ekaterinburg , Russia, San Diego, California, a few more signings from Kynoch and MTK Global, and the Shakur Stevenson vs Oscar Valdez fight news all make the headlines today. Join us throughout the week as we recap the stories that are making news, courtesy of our friends at - Europe's No 1 boxing website - offering plenty more news each day from around the world.
#TalkinFight #Boxen247 #BoxingNews Watch live on and more episodes on @Boxen247
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2022.01.18 12:45 Skilfularcher Long title as the rule defines

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2022.01.18 12:45 Modpsycho88 Fuck no. Almost always driver support people doesn't even speak English so I'm basically fucked all the time

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2022.01.18 12:45 Feronia_ Does using mashed banana as an egg substitute make cakes taste like banana?

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2022.01.18 12:45 Trigger_05 Spotted this Red Bull [Mini Cooper] in Rome

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2022.01.18 12:45 frazervarney A couple of snaps I took during the fog last week.

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2022.01.18 12:45 GalliumGungHo Interview question

Hey guys I just had an interview for a position. I was asked a question in a python template and I had to implement an algorithm that I knew in c++ but didn’t have the time to implement in python. They said it’s fine and I got the question correct but I’m scared doing it in c++ as opposed to their preferred language would effect me, what do y’all think?
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2022.01.18 12:45 CETERIS_PARTYBUS Official words from the Real Madrid president on Paco Gento.

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2022.01.18 12:45 definitelynotshield A question to girls about their boobs.

Why do the size of Boobs of a women keep changing?
Do they even change or just feel like it to me?
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2022.01.18 12:45 panvlam First post of 2022! Custom Pokemon Card Commission I've made!

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2022.01.18 12:45 Ramon_Jackson524 Gods…

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2022.01.18 12:45 T0HAC Eric Pincus: "One wildcard in the mix for Collins or Turner could be the Toronto Raptors, although it's unclear if there's enough market for Pascal Siakam, whose contract ($106.4 million through 2023-24) is a bit rich for a lot of teams."

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2022.01.18 12:45 joeyc138 [PS4] H: QE90rw 50cal W: offers

No bloodied/junkies.
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2022.01.18 12:45 fattigh any guidance for a long lost psychic

Hello all. So this post will be long with messy English as well. I'm not a native. sorry and thanks in advanced for willing to read this.
Something is different with me, probably ever since I was a kid, but it gets pretty real starting in last year of high school and early college. Here goes the list:

1. Electronics Incidents
When I was in highschool, my older sister was working in a private school not far. I sometimes wait for her to get home together. I knew quite well people there. one time I played in the library, one of my sister's co-worker was doing inventory of the books, using laptop and a book scanner. first we just say hi, then about five minutes later he said he cannot scan anymore, the machine seems jammed. I can't give any help and just wish him to find a solution soon. About half an hour later my sister called me, so I left the library and follow her to her office. Before we went home, we met my sister's co-worker again, I asked him just to be polite "how did the scanning goes?" he said with a bit confused face "it's going smooth after you left. only jammed when you were there. I've been using the scanner for years and never had any problem before."
In uni, breaking electronics somehow became my thing. not that often, but especially when I was stressed, I broke things unintentionally. laptops, fans, phones, you name it. my friend's wifi in her dorm sometimes got troubled too when I'm around. each incident made me remember about the book scanner and got me thinking "do I really give bad vibes to electronics? how?"
These incidents never happened anymore as I became an adult.

2. Natural Counselor
From strangers to close friends and relatives, somehow love to share their deep thoughts to me. since I was in junior high, probably started when I was in elementary school, my much older cousin like to tell her problems to me. I never think much about it, I thought probably I was just gifted in counseling so I took psychology major in uni. since graduate, I always hide behind my psychology degree whenever someone point out about my ability to gain information from anyone. everytime me and my husband got into an online ride like uber, the driver almost always share his personal story. about his kids, family, works, etc. most of the time we didn't even start the convo. some drivers become aware at the end that he was kinda oversharing and apologize while also wonder how he suddenly felt the urge to talk. and I always said it's okay. and they say thanks in the end and they felt some kind of relieve after talking to me. I never mind it, though my husband can't help but wonder "how do you make anyone talk?" not only drivers, but also cashier in grocery store, any strangers that we encountered. husband said their face significantly change from frown to a smile, and willingly explain what problem they had before that makes them frown, kinda confirming that their frown has nothing to do with us. I tell husband we're just lucky that people tend to be kind to us, just be grateful and don't think too much about it.
I can sense problems long before the issues surfaced. one of my friend even think I can see the future. I can not! I just somehow can see the results of many kind of interactions, and can see the outcome. for examples, I tell my friend (who now think I can see the future) that he has to put boundaries with his in-laws. he didn't listen at the time, because he thinks they're fine and even kind. I then realized it is none of my business anyway then step back and apologize. months later, he almost got divorced because his in-laws keep doing shitty things that affected him and his wife. then he called me, said he should've listened to me. but I said, it's not his fault. no normal person will sense something is wrong with the earlier interaction.
This same friend also witness my psychic side showing off many years ago. so we lived in different cities, one time he went on a trip with his friends from work to the city where I live. I haven't finished uni yet. He asked me to join them, so i met them at a restaurant and spent few hours there. When I got home, I suddenly feel the urge to text my friend, telling him that one of his colleagues, a girl, had to stop waiting for a man who will never actually be there for her. that text was a bad bad decision I ever made. my friend's colleague freaked out. turns out she has been in an affair with a married man for a year, and that man promised to divorced his wife since months ago but never really prove it. makes my friends and all of his colleagues kinda afraid of me. "how do you know? HOW DO YOU KNOW??!" my friend keep asking me that. i was confused and frustrated too. I said I just can sense that she looks deeply sad. since that I try so hard to hold my words though it's not always easy, there are moments when it just spilled out.

3. Supernatural Encounters
I unconsciously always choose spooky places to live. what I sense as comfortable turns out spooky for most people. probably because human interaction always drains me, I have to choose anything that attract less people. Though I do those unintentional counseling effortlessly, but I can't help but felt tired everytime. the older I get, the less energy I have. so as time goes by I became more and more of a loner. my husband is my my only closest person, even that can drain me sometimes too. I'm just very lucky he understands and loves quite environment as well.
I can "see" and "talk" to some spirits. not that I literally see things with my physical eyes, but I just knew how they look and can sense when they're around. I checked many times before with some people that really can see spirits, I describe what I "see" and ask if that's what they see too. always match, so I came to the conclusion it's not just my imagination. I always know the spirit who live where I live. one time, I ever negotiate with a spirit that lives in my room. so I was afraid of her, but I can not afford to move to a better dorm, I was a typical broke student. I keep saying "hey, sist, we share this room together but let's not get involved in each other lives. I just try to live peacefully here, and I hope you can have a great life too. we just share this room." I can not explain, but she was agree. i even got the answer that she was following me from my previous room in that same dorm, because I'm a clean person and she loves clean environment too. she wouldn't make my life hard. I lived for 4 years in that dorm, three years with her. I remember the last year I told my boyfriend at that time (my ex now), "I don't know where she went. sometimes I miss her company". she moved out before I did, probably she graduated. lol.
In the same year, a spirit shaped as grizzly bear kinda introduced himself to me. he manifested as a silhouette on my-ex's bedroom wall. It was dawn, I didn't really do anything, my ex already fell asleep. in the afternoon when we already awake, I asked him "do you have a guardian spirit?" he seems don't like that I know about that. "why do you ask?". i don't answer his question instead I ask again "is it a huge black bear? like a grizzly bear?" again, he answer me with more questions "who told you? are my parents or siblings ever told you anything about that?" i just said "it introduced itself to me last night".
and lots of other spirits story my whole life. from helping me doing house chores, locking the door when I forget, meet an incubus who lay down with me without doing anything else, just give me warm feeling so I can sleep well, and so on. most of them are kind. if I sometimes felt scared, I negotiate, begging the spirit to not do any harm to me, I never hesitate to admit when I'm afraid.

4. Extreme Luck
"Luckiest Bastard #1" in one of nickname I get from a best friend. so the thing is, I'm not rich, but never have debt either. not the smartest, nor prettiest, or whatever the most. but I'm always safe. every crisis has it ends. i do things effortlessly as I want. People love me easily no matter how detached I act sometimes when I'm out of energy. I have a husband that is really kind, he encourage me to not have a formal job because he knows my energy level is not suitable for 9-5 job. He never complaint that he has to earn all the money we need by himself. though I do run small business or some other freelance job, but no pressure about the income.
there are always people who willingly take care of me without I ever ask. this is sound too much, but I'm sure some people in this sub can relate. I only suffer from occasional depression and anxiety, ever medicated for a while (this is another long story), but that's my only struggle. my basic needs are someway somehow always provided, and that's all I want. i don't have need for expensive things. that's the other big part of the luck, very rarely I desire things that we can not afford. I already felt blessed with all the easiness.

5. The Twist
Is it possible that luck is gained from others bad luck? so life isn't always smooth, right? though I never initiate war with others, sometimes I can't help but feel anger or just slightly annoyed. isn't always happening, but there are some incidents where it seems like I cast a bad spell without I realize it. there was a tutor in uni, one day he was in extremely bad mood that he talks so mean to everyone in the class. i don't feel offended or anything, but I feel it's not normal. he acted not normal. then for few days I'm a bit bothered by that, keep feeling that something wrong will happen. less that a month later, he had a car accident because his left side of body suddenly isn't functioning. thank God he survived.
There was one of a friend who always seem envious of me. I didn't know anymore how to deal with her, she made my lacking energy became worst, so I kept distance from her until we practically not friend anymore. years later, someone told me that her husband left her, not die or caused by infidelity, he just doesn't want to be with her anymore, less than a year after they got married. She was 5 months pregnant with his baby when he left.
Did I accidentally cast bad spell towards them? Am I a dark psychic?

6. The questions
so, everything I told above happened naturally. I always wish for a spiritual teacher appear in my life, but hasn't happened yet. meanwhile I wait, I would like to know:

  1. what am I? a clairvoyant? a medium? empath? an indigo?
  2. where and how should I start to use this gift more consciously and hopefully more useful?
  3. I bought a tarot deck. is it a right choice or do you think there is something else more suitable for me?
  4. what to read or watch. because I have no idea at all about chakra, focusing energy, nor I ever successfully meditate. what is it all about? what makes a psychic different? how to become one?
I'm so sorry for unnecessary long post. I really feel like this is the time that I have to seriously pursue this life path. Any thought is very much appreciated.
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