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Repairs in a Rental Home

An ABC News 4 viewer shared photos of a sinkhole on Schurlknight Road with us, saying his truck was damaged when he hit the sinkhole. The South Carolina Department of Transportation said the sinkhole was reported on Monday and filled within 24 hours. When ABC News 4 went to the road on Tuesday, we saw crews repairing the sinkhole with asphalt. "We went out to check it out. One crew was working ... Cobb County Government, Marietta, Georgia. 27,715 likes · 2,096 talking about this · 2,180 were here. For all the latest happenings and interesting things involving Cobb County Government. Find... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. What's New Loading Authority (OT-57) - to prevent conflicts and potential penalites, please remember to remove your equipment from your OT-57 fleet once the car(s) have been end-charged. The Arch Cape Trail in Oswald West State Park Is Now Open Following Months of Repairs The 1.4-mile stretch sustained considerable damage during the historic Labor Day 2020 windstorm. © movado group 2016 After opening to fanfare earlier this year, the connector road is scheduled to reopen shortly, the city says.

2022.01.18 13:20 EatTheMachine Repairs in a Rental Home

Hello! I just moved to the area into a rental house and after being in the house for a few days I started noticing some things that seem like health & safety issues including water damaged parts of floors and an expired smoke detector and non-GFCI outlets right next to the sink (with no other GCFIs on that circuit). Add on that the oven has a power failure fault and won't stay on long enough to cook anything. I reported these things to the property manager and it took 5 days and some pestering to get the individual responsible for maintenance to show up. It's been a week since then and none of the major concerns have been addressed.
Being new to the area, I'm not entirely clear on the best way to approach these things here. If I'm understanding correctly, I have the right to have the repairs made myself, provide receipts, and deduct from the rent if they're not made within a reasonable amount of time or I can submit them to the city and hope they force the landlord to make them. Is that right? What happens if I make the repairs and the landlord disputes it?
Any advice for the best way to approach this is welcome. Thanks!
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2022.01.18 13:20 OkProfessor9506 Know Im posting alot...scared.

Im having lots of panic attacks, this is the worst Ive felt in my life, monoclonal antibodies are no longer available here, no antiviral meds. Theyre perscribing prednisone and azythromyacin which Inknow the antibiotics dont work. My 2 year old son and husband are down stairs and I miss them. I dont want to be by myself. I did what I was supposed to. Got my vaccine but couldnt get my booster for another 2 months, I stayed away from literally everyone. The military made us move during this time and thats how this happened but its just not fair. Im really afraid of dying from this.
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2022.01.18 13:20 tayyabadaughter 20+Muslim Sissyfag online on kikwickr username:nastycunt0 come play, come play I love sharing pics with stories, if you message me say muslimsis

I love showing cute little before/after pics of me all dolled up , I’ll be a good sissy for you I’m passable now , love sharing clean pics and stories of me being a good sissy girly , mommy loves doing my hair makeup and dressing me I love being a cute little sissy
I’m a crossdressing fagboi I love wearing my family’s panties clothes and shoes, they tease and taunt me, mommy helps me be girly and feminine , I love sharing pics with stories like before/after
Please come message me on kikwickr it is nastycunt0 and say sissy
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2022.01.18 13:20 JustTheRealNews Secretary Vilsack Announces New 10 Year Strategy to Confront the Wildfire Crisis

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2022.01.18 13:20 Martin_und_mark Lurkers here be like:

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2022.01.18 13:20 Strong_Search_6507 MI NOVIA ES MUY MEDIOCRE

Mi problema estoy con mi novia desde 2 años y medio aproximadamente. Nosotros decidimos vivir juntos, pero el tiempo me ha hecho ver que no tenemos en absoluto nada en común, ella ya no quiere esforzarse en nada, no estudia, se mensajea todo el dia con sus amigas , cambia de trabajo cada mes y segun ella me dice que solo trabaja para ayudarme con la universidad y el pago de la renta , supongo que ella espera que le regrese el favor en el futuro , pero yo ya no la soporto quiero mas cosas en vida que simplemente me vean como proveedor. no se como separarme de ella de manera correcta.
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2022.01.18 13:20 ATF_LEO Recommended book on Amazon by retired ATF Special Agent Ignacio J. Esteban, titled "ATF, Mexico and the Drug Cartels, the reality after Operation Fast and Furious"

Great read from the perspective of an ATF agent about the strengthening of the Drug cartels in Mexico and failures from the current Mexican administration. The book is free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.
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2022.01.18 13:20 TheLamisam 3D printed Sicko met pikmin beentjes.

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2022.01.18 13:20 GetOffMyGrassBrats How long is the first second of eternity?

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2022.01.18 13:20 Son_Goku_2021 🔥🔥🔥I OWN AMC NFT 🔥🔥🔥🚀. LET’S FUCKING GOOOOOO 🦍🦍🦍🌕

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2022.01.18 13:20 Dont-Go-Hollow Help out the new lights in guided games, there's plenty searching.

Are you an experienced raider that enjoys teaching others?
Maybe you even have a c lan of like-minded guides?
Then Guided Games needs you!
Guided Games is an official and underrated feature in-game, where players can search (seekers) for experienced players (guides) to teach them raids. A feature that is rarely talked about, but full of new players seeking help.
The guided team has to consist of at least three players in the same c lan and at least one seeker. The rest of the team can consist of seekers or guides of a different clan - this is why we are searching for c lans and solo players to help.The reward for guides are emblems, stats and satisfaction of helping others.
Come help our group teach others raids via Guided Games - see my recent posts for more info if you are in need of a group.
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2022.01.18 13:20 Ambrosus-Ecosystem Download Trustee Wallet today — at 10 am tomorrow we launch, and you can start staking!

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2022.01.18 13:20 ArtsJayc DRAWING CARNAGE (VENOM 2 LET THERE BE CARNAGE) Timelapse | Jaycarts

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2022.01.18 13:20 leeloo200 I've always liked this Nada Surf cover of Where is My Mind? by The Pixies

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2022.01.18 13:20 mYsT1c01 Open carry minimum age

I know you have to be 21 to concealed carry a handgun, but I would like to know what the minimum to open carry is
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2022.01.18 13:20 JustTheRealNews FDA Releases CDRH Health of Women Strategic Plan to Better Inform Medical Device Research and Regulation for All Women

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2022.01.18 13:20 CryptoYT5799 Fresh Unique look for witch queen

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2022.01.18 13:20 Mammoth_Payment9478 What i do now i am in big trouble

Dhani a credit card type service provider company i used its card and i use its all money and now i am unable to pay the amount and they are calling me and massaging me daily and today they send me a link legal action i am very scared now what i do please help me anyone and suggest me what i do. Because i doesn't have enough amount to pay them back.
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2022.01.18 13:20 pcannon8 Looking for everyone’s favorite One More Saturday Night

Huge Packers fan so I’m listening to that song all week going into their game Saturday night. I have my go-to’s but interested in hearing others to check out!
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2022.01.18 13:20 Vivid-Cold hayz salamaat...

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2022.01.18 13:20 creesep33 One of you give me $10 or I'm trashing it lol

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2022.01.18 13:20 WhiteWert SAMPO ROSENLEW C10 and C12 Threshing mechanism animation

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2022.01.18 13:20 CatherQ Help me find this yaoi

I think I read this a year ago and honestly can’t remember much, but hope someone can help me anyway🙈 I think it was about some mafia/gang, like two groups that didnt like eachother. And our MC (bottom) used to be drugged up and fuck the boss of the enemy group, but - if i remember correct - ran Away (and was found) to the other gang, and wanted to help or something. And as every yaoi ML (top) is the boss (or son or someone important) in this group and I think they start fucking and/or falling in love and shit… I think it ens with the enemy boss tried to kill/hurt them at a big party and its a while big mess, but he get hurt/shot/dead/something by one of his own men (who also has a sex scene in a chapter, where the evil dude makes him fuck some other dude - I know this is a mess…).
Well this is complicated, hope someone can help
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2022.01.18 13:20 1vnz1 What did the Bushes do after they retired from politics?

Opened up a hedge fund
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2022.01.18 13:20 Syonoq Question about Mentats in Heretics and Chapterhouse

Did I somehow miss the explanation of sapho juice? These mentats don’t seem to use it or need it at all.
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